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DJ NonStop, a Chicago native who grew up in the Humboldt Park neighborhoods breakdancing, has been deejaying since 1984. He toured around the world with Latin freestyle group TKA before he was 23 and, for the last 15 years, he’s DJ’ed so many shows for DMX he’s lost count. “There’s 52 weeks in a year, and there were weeks where we did three shows a weekend, back-to-back,” Nonstop said as he dived into his memory. “I think it’s in the thousands, maybe 1,500. I’m not even sure. It could be more than that, because we used to do 40 city tours every three months.”

While X serves the one-year prison bid for tax evasion he was sentenced to earlier this year, DJ NonStop has been living up to his name. The Heavy Hitter DJ does weekly mixes for Chicago radio station 104.3 Jams every Friday and Saturday, has an upcoming song with newcomers Menoover 13 and Hex Hectic, volunteers to teach kids how to DJ, and may have popped up on your Spotify and Apple Music with a playlist. CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE