Hex Hectic

Artist / Entrepreneur

Hex Hectic is the alter ego of digital creative director, entertainer, and entrepreneur Hector Danniel. He began his career as a graphic artist & video producer for platinum & Grammy award-winning artists & industry professionals.

One of the most promising artists in Chicago’s thriving hip hop underground, Hex Hectic’s Latin tinged hip hop is grabbing listeners’ attention in his hometown and beyond. Since emerging with his first singles in 2014, he has been building up an impressive discography and establishing himself as a multidisciplinary artist and entrepreneur. Now, as he plans the release of his most innovative music to date, he is well on his way to reaching a national audience.

Hex Hectic was born on the southwest side of Chicago where he quickly grew to love hip hop.  He started rapping as a young man, and before long, he caught the ear of many influential figures, including Grammy winner Rhymefest who became his mentor. In 2014, Hex was chosen to participate in an artist development program led by Che “Rhymefest’ Smith who together with Kanye West founded Donda’s House Inc., named after Kanye’s late mother.

Hex would go on to release a series of increasingly well-received projects, including singles, merchandise, and a comic book aimed at bringing attention to under-told stories from the inner city of Chicago. Driven by a genuine desire to inspire others, in between projects Hex is a full-time entrepreneur & continues to work with local not-for-profit organizations.

Hex’s authentic storytelling is what sets him apart from his peers.  There’s a brutal honesty to his lyrics, which depict a young man struggling against the odds to make something out of himself.  Hex transforms these emotions into inspirational anthems.  He is as motivated and talented as anyone in the game, and it is only a matter of time before he becomes a major force in hip hop.


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